Top 5 Crossword Games to play on your smartphone

Top 5 Crossword Games to play on your smartphone

There are hundreds of crossword puzzle games available in both iOS (iPhone & iPad) store and also Google Play (Android) however not all of them are enjoyable and easy to use. Below you will find the most popular crossword puzzle games based on our reviews.

1. New York Times Crossword

While this website is totally related to the famous NY Times Crossword Puzzle, our review is not biased at all. The New York Times Crossword Puzzle, edited by Will Shortz is one of the most played and popular crossword puzzles in US and abroad. It it estimated that over 50 million people play crosswords every day in the US and a vast majority definitely also play the NY Times Crossword puzzle. Even though you need an active subscription to be able to play the daily puzzles, with the latest upgrades and the ability to play the puzzle anywhere (plus a wide range of other games such as Spelling Bee, Tiles etc). If you are looking for today's NYT Crossword Puzzle Answers then head over to our homepage.

2. Daily Themed Crossword

Daily Themed Crossword is one of the most popular iOS and Android games available. As the name refers, you are given a themed crossword puzzle every single day. On top of the Classic puzzle there is also a Daily Mini puzzle for anyone who's looking for a short and challenging puzzle. With hundreds of crossword packs and regularly updated, we are confident that you will get addicted to this fantastic word puzzle game. If you are stuck and would like to find the answer for any of the Daily Themed Crossword puzzles then we recommend you to visit DailyThemedCrossword.net which is constantly updated with the latest solutions.

3. Crosswords With Friends

From the creators (Zynga) of some of the most popular games (such as Words with Friends) comes Crosswords With Friends. A fantastic daily crossword puzzle for anyone who's looking for unique and themed crossword puzzles. Crosswords With Friends is available for all major platforms and it's unique crossword puzzle clues along with hundreds of crossword packs make it a great contender for one of the top games you could spend your time. If you are stuck and are looking for possible solutions and older puzzles then we recommend you to visit the official fan site over at CrosswordswithFriendsAnswers.com.

4. LA Times Crossword

It couldn't miss our top list as one of the most popular crossword publications in the US. The LA Times Crossword Puzzle is a seven days a week puzzle available both online and in print version. With Thursday and Saturday among the most difficult puzzles, LA Times Crossword is surely a great puzzle which not only will keep your brain sharp but also learn new words along your solving journey. There is an official fan site over at LATCrosswordSolver.com for anyone looking for all the LA Times Crossword Puzzle Answers and Solutions.

5. 7 Little Words

While technically it's not a crossword puzzle, the clues given and the attractiveness of this game make it our last suggestion for anyone looking for a mind exercise. 7 Little Words is one of the oldest and most popular word puzzle games available for both iOS and Android. Initially developed as an online game, due to it's massive success a lot of newspapers wanted it published on paper and so 7 Little Words became a global phenomenon. In case you are stuck and are looking for the 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle Answers then we highly recommend you to visit 7LittleWords.solutions